Best Youth Wood Bats for 2021

Wood Baseball BatsBaseball is a game played between two teams who each take turns fielding and batting. The first half of the game usually lasts about eight minutes. The last few minutes of the half are reserved for the home team’s offense. Both teams have at least five players on each team except for the catcher.

Batting practice is an essential part of baseball practice A team’s pitching catcher throws the ball to a batter on the field. If the batter hits the ball or the catcher makes a mistake during the pitch, the batter is out. Each batter is given one at-bat. During the at-bat, the batter must reach base safely. The batting team is allowed three outs, if necessary.

Errors in Baseball

If the batter misses the ball or makes a mistake in throwing it, he may attempt to make another attempt at the ball. He does not have to throw the ball in order to hit the ball. There are three types of errors, a batter can commit, including:

No Error: When a batter does not make an error, there is no foul ball or play. The batter has been declared out on his first at-bat. If there is no foul ball or play, the batter will be allowed to try again, but without throwing the ball. The team does not receive any points if they are unable to get another batter out. This type of error is the most common error that occurs during a game.

One Error: When a batter commits an error, the batter is considered out of the game. The batter is given the option to try again, but he must first throw the ball. If he does not throw the ball, the batter is out of the game. If there is no play, the team receives one point. The team does not receive any points if they are unable to get another batter out or foul off.

Double Error: If more than one batter commits an error, then the batter who committed the original error is removed from the game. There are several ways that this can happen, including: If the second batter throws the ball to first base, but the first runner can only reach second base, and not third, the second runner can run for the second base instead of throwing the ball. Also, a runner who scores from first base can be declared out or if he cannot successfully throw the ball to the plate.

The Best Youth Wood Bats & Why They Make Better Baseball

Errors do not count in baseball. When a batter is hit by the ball and the first or second batter hits the ball with their bat, it counts. When a batter hits the ball while running and the second or third batter hits the ball, it is not counted as an error.

In order to improve at baseball practice, it is helpful to pay attention to what the pitchers and catchers say to each batter and to pay attention to how they react to each situation. As the coach, you must tell your players to learn how to read these signs. These tips will help you prepare your players for the big day. Practice makes perfect, so practice hard!

When watching a baseball game, it is very helpful to watch a particular player closely. For example, if a catcher throws out a runner, the player should look at the catcher and see where he threw the ball. The player should then take a few steps and look back at where he threw the ball. If he sees the catcher, he should stand up and walk over to him. If he does not see the catcher, he should stand up and head back to first base. He should wait until the catcher has stopped at third base before he goes to second base.

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When a batter is hit by the ball, there are many different things that he can do. Some batters may try to throw the ball to first base while others try to throw the ball to home plate. Other batters may not have the time to throw out the runner and should allow the runner to reach third base, or attempt to throw the ball to first base. As the coach, you can help your player determines which way he should go.

When a batter is hit by the ball, he should make two mistakes when he first sees the ball. First, he should allow the runner to reach home plate. Secondly, he should throw the ball back to the catcher. This will help the umpire determines whether the batter is out or not. If the batter makes neither mistake, he should throw the ball back to the catcher. The umpire will not call the batter out if the batter throws the ball back to the catcher.

LISTED BELOW ARE The 8 Greatest Youth Wooden Bats

Are you searching for youth wooden bats but don’t even understand where to begin? It’s an easy task to get lost in the hundreds of options you have available and still not know what you are getting.

Don’t worry.

We have you completely covered and by the time you finish reading you’ll have a great idea what you need.

1 . Marucci CU26 YOUTH MODEL

The CU26 by Marucci is a great bat.

The fully balanced design makes it easy to swing and for young players helps maximize their swing speed.

As with all Marucci wood bats it is bone rubbed which adds density to the barrel. This makes it more durable.

In our experience, Marucci does have some of the most durable wood bats on the market!

This bat is made of maple and has a thin handle design. This makes it easy to grip for kids of all sizes!

The CU26 comes in sizes 26in – 31in.

2 . Louisville Slugger Youth Prime Maple Y271

Louisville Slugger has been making some of the best wood bats on the market since as long as I can keep in mind.

At one point these were pretty very much the only real wood bat producer. Obviously the marketplace offers since exploded with various manufacturers, but Louisville Slugger offers maintained their placement among the most popular wooden bats you can purchase.

Their youth wooden bats are usually no various and the Primary Maple Y271 is a good choice for younger players.

This is actually the lightest & most well balanced youth maple bat that Slugger gives.

The prospective drop because of this bat is just about -8 ( there may be some slight variation when it comes to wood bats which is why they say “target” drop ).

The Y217 comes in lengths between 27in and 31in.

3. Old Hickory Youth KG1Y

We are big fans of Old Hickory bats and their youth models stack up well against any others!

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The KG1Y is a well balanced bat with a thin handle and a flared knob.

This bat does swing a little heavier than some of the other models with a maximum drop of -5. The cool thing is you can choose between -3, -4 or -5 when you order.

The other nice thing about Old Hickory is you can order all of their bats in either maple, ash or birch.

You can order in lengths between 27 and 32 inches.

4. Marucci DW5 Custom Youth Model

Next on our list is the Marucci DW5 Custom Youth Model. This bat is perfectly constructed for that traditional wood bat feel.

You can get it in ash or maple depending on what you prefer.

One of the things that you’ll love about ordering from Marucci is the ability to customize your bat on the website. Handle color, barrel color, engraving and knob stamp are just a few of the many options you’ll get.

Some upgrades will enhance the cost however they are accessible if you select!

You may also select the weight from -4 to -6.

The DW5 comes in lengths of 26-31 ins.

5. B45 Bats B271 Professional Select Share

B45 bats are usually probably one of the most popular producers of birch bats. Birch is really a softer, even more flexible wood that may often result in even more “whip” in the swing.

This helps it be a nice choice for youth gamers looking to put in a few mph with their bat acceleration!

Birch has a “ crack in” period nevertheless, so it takes some time for the wood to harden on impact. You may see some small indentions when using the bat for the first time but don’t worry this shouldn’t affect performance!

In addition, the forgiveness is going to be much better than ash or maple. Some younger players may prefer this and avoid the stingers off the end of the bat!

Again the B271 is a balanced design just like a lot of the other youth wood bat models on the market.

It has a maximum drop of -5 and comes in sizes 27in-30in.

6. Rawlings Velo Ash Wood Bat

The Velo Ash bat by Rawlings is a great option for a lot of youth players. The 7/8in ultra thin handle with a tac-grip ensures maximum feel.

They guarantee a drop of -7. 5 with the Velo so you can be sure you are getting a very light and balanced design.

This is one of the better ash bats available in a youth model and the color scheme is great as well!

It comes in sizes 27-29in.

7. Easton MAKO Youth Ash

The Easton Mako has been a wildly popular metal bat choice for players but they also offer this model in a wood bat!

Much like the metal edition the youth ash is made to be well balanced. It includes a thin manage and a cupped finish.

The fall is between -7 and -10 and that means you are receiving the lightest wooden bat accessible.

It will come in sizes 27 to 31 ins.

8. Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Flylite

In the event that you aren’t searching for a youth bat made of high quality lumber and desire something that is simpler on the wallet then your Flylite by Louisville Slugger is a good option.

It really is built out of poplar so it’s not likely to become as long lasting as a maple or ash bat. Again it’s hard to get the very best of the range wood at an extremely discounted price.

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The big advantage, however, is that this bat is going to be very light at a -10. This would be preferred for really young players that don’t have the strength to swing a heavier bat.

The youth Flylite is available in 27-30in lengths.

Things To Consider When Buying a Youth Wood Bat

What should you look for in a youth wood bat?

The two biggest things are:

  • Weight
  • Durability

Let’s take a quick look at each…


For a lot of young players, the balance and overall weight of a bat can have a big impact on how they swing the bat and even in their development over time.

Wood bats have the tendency to be a little more top heavy than most of the metal bats out on the market today. This can cause bat drag and other issues that you wouldn’t want to introduce simply because they are using a wood bat.

Sometimes is better to go with a smaller size in order to avoid these issues.

In our list we’ve options from -4 completely to -10. Lighter in weight doesn’t generally mean better as you will undoubtedly be sacrificing strength at get in touch with.

Nevertheless if the bat can be overweight for the ball player to swing you then are causing even more harm than good!


You might or might not understand that not absolutely all wooden bats are manufactured equal!

Sometimes a lesser price implies that the standard of the wooden is not as higher. This can result in earlier chipping, cracking and also breaking.

The very last thing you want would be to buy a really cheap bat and have to replace it after a couple of uses. Wood bats can actually last a very long time if you make the right pick!

The grain on the bat can tell you a lot about the quality of the wood. Typically for ash bats, lower grain count equals a higher quality wood.

Pay attention to the description the manufacturer provides on their website or packaging. They may have a rating on the wood quality.

Another option is you can see if any of the youth models have blem wood bats available.

These are bats that have mostly cosmetic errors but are very high quality. Since something like the paint or logo was messed up they sell at a much cheaper price!

Youth baseball players usually have a lower swing speed, and this can often be helpful if you want the bat to last a considerably long time!

The low the swing swiftness, the not as likely a participant is to split a wooden bat. If somebody comes with an above typical swing swiftness because of their age, you might want to appear at an increased quality wooden.

Bottom line

There are a great number of great choices with regards to locating the best youth wooden bats.

The purchase price mainly depends upon the grade of wooden and the quantity of hands crafting that goes into to the bat.

For about $60-70 you may get a very top quality bat which should last a long time if treated correctly.

Keep in mind, the quicker the swing swiftness the much more likely a bat will bust on a skip hit. With wooden bats it’s basically the cost we purchase that traditional sound and experience!


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